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Rochester Hills 2 Men and a TruckBy Alterri Henri, a professional author and writing.
Moving can be really costly no matter how big or small the job is. This is why a lot of customers choose to have 2 men and a truck at their fingertips to do the majority of the work for them. We offer several moving options: you can hire 2 men and a truck for your moving or several men and several trucks, alone with this help we offer professional packers and loaders and/or un-loaders if that’s all you require. These are just a few tips that can speed your moving process up and make it easier, if for some reason you decide you don’t need a truck and all you need is the man power – we can accommodate you for $40.00 per hour – per man with a 4 hour minimum plus $25.00 fuel charge.

How much does our services cost you ask? All moving companies will have a different price structure in place that provides different cost but, when you hire 2 men and a truck from Buy A Buddy, LLC; you will receive certified man power at our low affordable pricing. What can a customer expect to pay for 2 men and a truck? Our cost is $105.00 per hour and a flat fuel fee of $25.00 in-town or more depending on your driving distance. If you desire to hire extra men, the price may increase / $40.00 each buddy – per hour. No matter if you’re moving your items at night, day or weekend, 2 men and a truck will be here to service you at no additional cost. If you wake up and decide you want to move on Christmas, we will have our 2 men and a truck there to service your needs.

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 Two Men and a Truck moving tips

We advise everyone to read reviews with caution because, people file reviews based on their friend’s words and having no full merit of the truth. There are moving companies that operate yearly with 1,200 or more customers and only 20 bad reviews that year, we need to take into consideration all these things when reviewing a moving service. I myself as well as others I personally know will do a very extensive search on a business that has been frowned upon by other consumers especially if my experience don’t measure to what someone else had to endure. I’m very aware that people tend to be alcoholics, drug abusers, bad attitude carriers, bad judgment takers and many other types of individuals that I wouldn’t want to be around on  a daily bases. So to conclude my thesis, don’t judge a company by a friend or family member’s word alone, the scripture says: consider your source and out of the mouth of 2 or 3 then let the truth be established.

Buy a Buddy, LLC. – about 2 Men and a Truck Owner

 Buy A Buddy, LLC. was born in the USA in 1998 due to a lack of work and extreme hustle, Mr. Alterri Henri the founder of this moving giant noted that he was young, ambitious, and tired of working hard to make everyone else rich. With this in mind and a ungodly ability to work extremely long hours he sat out to start his own moving company and base his foot print in this business. It has been recorded that for a week straight, he would sit at the U haul rental companies and sell his services to over 80% of every customer that walked through their doors, this was before the creation of emove collaborating a partnership with U haul. Those were the good ole days and even now 20 years later Mr. Alterri Henri still has a great relationship with the local U haul owners and their business.