Packing list

Why you need a packing list

You need a packing list to make your move smoother and unpacking faster. A packing list is vital for unpacking. With a packing list, you can prioritize what you need handy and what can be packed in a box or what may just need to be thrown away. You can even make the process of labeling boxes faster by writing a number on all six sides of a box and what’s in the box on a the packing list with the number. Packing lists will make your life easier especially when you don’t have much time to unpack you can keep all the items you will need day to day in high priority boxes so you can unpack those first. You can even assign different number ranges to different rooms so for example movers will know all boxes starting with 3xx will go in the master bedroom and all the ones with H are the high priority and need to be in the corner of the room so you can unpack those first. The great thing about packing list is you can strategize the best possible plan to work with your schedule and life. A packing list can save you from leaving perishables in a box to rot. This is comen sense but in a rush come sense might not be so common. You will need a packing list to help you prioritize essentials so you are ready for that first day of work or when you just need to take a shower after all that unpacking. Or maybe a great dinner to make that new house home from day one.

What you need in a packing list

You need a packing list that is easy to read. The best strategy in the world won’t help it is difficult to read. Ideally, a print out graphic with standard letter dimensions so you can keep it on a clipboard till you are unpacked completely. It is a great plus to have a simple integrated map system that anyone can read. Remember movers don’t know your old home layout or new home layout but they can ask which room is which and unload the boxes accordingly without wasting time or money. Time is money when you higher moves you don’t want to waste their time because you are paying for it. More importantly, you do not want to distract them with complicated instructions because they need to focus on keeping your property safe and damage free. The packing list needs to unique looking, so you won’t misplace it. A good packing list also needs to account for high priority items that need to be unpacked immediately. For example, most people will need to go to work the next day after moving, and they will need to have access to all of their bathroom supplies and of course work clothing and how about the shoes. Just as vital, the packing list needs to have a way to prioritize high-value items that need to be handled with extra safety. You need to know which boxes and items need to be market fragile. Also you need to load these items last and unload them first, so everyone is fresh and more able to avoid mistakes. Remember even the best moving companies are just people. At the end of the day and no one is perfect. The packing list needs to be easy to understand and should help you think of how to unpack effectively. Often when people choose to unpack themselves while taking care of children and working a full-time job things can drag out for months and a packing list can act as an old school database. A good packing list will let you and read through the list and find the exact item you need without having to open dozens of boxes. The list should also treat kitchen items differently as many items are perishable.

when you need a Packing list

You need a packing list when you are getting ready to move or go on a trip. Most packing lists are oriented for vacations. We have oriented our packing list for moving because we are a moving company and more important because we think a packing list specifically for moving can help a lot of people take the drama of uprooting your life and relocating it with no time to waist. Moving is stressful and mistakes can have long lasting effects. The first step in preventing mistakes and maximizing time is planning. Planning will allow you t o maximize your effort and prevent waste. When you strategize you can coordinate more things to work together flawlessly and prevent working twice. With the time saved, you can prevent mistakes, or even see new opportunities. Something as simple as a packing list can have unforeseen benefits.

what not to include in a Packing list

A packing list should not include an itemized list of every item you own because that would take more time to list than to move. You should not list toothpaste and toothbrush, instead, list essential bathroom supplies and pack all of the essential bathroom supplies in the same box. You should never pack money. It is just a good rule of thumb as Murphy’s law says “Anything that can go wrong will”. There are few moments as embarrassing as not being able to pay for your pizza delivery because you can’t find what box the money is in. Also, something very important to remember is all moving companies require you to pay at latest before unloading. Most companies will keep the items from an unpaid move then charge additional fees for the huge hassle not to mention legal fees. Don’t let that happen to you.